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                               Honorary Mother's Day Award

   Enveloped are forty-three, poetic expressions that help make this rewarding hallmark a timeless gift. An exceptional way to say, "I love you mom."
Title: Honorary Mother’s Day Award

Publisher: Positive Light for Positive Living Books

ISBN 13: 978-1470159610

ISBN 10: 1470159619

Format: “6x9” format, soft back cover, color graphic enhanced

Pp: 76

Retail price: $12.50


 Mother’s Day Award


Today, I’d like to present this honorary award to you for your commitment to love me unconditionally. Despite this being a day set aside to celebrate the love we share; I also wanted to  use this day to thank you for helping me face my countless life challenges.  Since I was born, you have always extended sincere thoughts of encouragement to lift me up, even when I was wrong.

And due to those lessons of love you’ve rooted in me, I desire to emulate your compassion and extend this same level of love unto others. In fact, at times, I feel as though my life wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have you in it. 

So today, I’m extending these loving thoughts your way to express exactly how I feel.

Happy Mother’s Day!