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          Positive Light for Positive Living Books Soar

     While the present economic climate remains unfavorable for many small business owners, Positive Light for Positive Living Books continues developing inspirational tools that allows this print-on-demand operation to continue building revenue. In fact, our newest release entitled Honorary Mother's Day Award, has helped us build an alliance with an international publishing company that represents Thailand. 





 "A dynamically beautiful, Mother's Day, gift."- Pat London, Canton Writer's Group

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  ISBN 13: 978-1470159610 



 "Riveting, eye-opening; suffocating with laughter."- D. Woods

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    ISBN 13: 978-1468058406 


"This is a powerful book!"- P. Paschal, Business Adviser

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     ISBN 13:978-1469949499 

 "A must read!"- W. Francis, Associate Editor, POZ

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     ISBN  13: 978-1468008388





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